PUERTO RISO : Risograph Workshops IN MUNICH

perfectly imperfect

Puerto Riso runs creative workshops in analogue 
Risographic design + printing techniques


Puerto Riso is artist owned and run 


   Workshop languages : English, Spanish, German


Call Penelope to discuss your ideas and needs.


+49 (0) 176 7875 2266


<risography> Get the handmade feeling of lithography, screen printing and woodblock in your art and design work. 


satisfy your Riso-osity and get your creative juices flowing

make your own prints. create something meaningful.


Artist, print maker and Risographer.

Hi, I’m Penelope Richardson. I’m an artist with a passion for design and print making, whether it is screen printing, lithography, mono print, potato printing, making books, digital printing or Risography printing.

To me Risograph is very special mixing technology and analogue together. It satisfies my need to do things with my hands and create interesting spontaneous designs. It is also flows with the creative process to get quick results. 



Why Puerto Riso?

I founded because I like sharing my knowledge, experience and creating new designs. And, a love of doing visual and colour experiments, and exchanging ideas is central to my creative life. Puerto Riso is a platform for all these things. 

Where does the name come from?

Puerto is Spanish for port. Riso is short for Risography. For me, Puerto Riso is a gateway to discover Risography.

Puerto Riso

Puerto Riso

Lindwurmstrasse 39

80337 Munich


Tel.: +49 (0) 176 7875 2266







Getting to Puerto Riso studio

Getting to Puerto Riso

Lindwurmstrasse 39

(Located between U-Bahn
Sendlinger Tor & Goetheplatz

U-Bahn: U3/U6 or U1/U2 

Bus: 62 / 58 

Bike: Parking in Hof

Car: All-day on street parking